Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little More Than A Coincidence?

I've received more than a few requests from customers who want me to send stamps out as a gift to a friend or relative. Unfortunately for them, all I have are the plain plastic baggies that I send my regular orders in. So boring! :P I was thinking it would be nice if I could find a way to spruce up gift packages for my customers so I turned to the supply section of etsy to do a little browsing. I did a search for "cute gift bags" and was surprised to come across this:

The dark owl and doppel "gäng"

I love to see customers selling beautiful and creative items using my stamps. My policy regarding the use of these stamps is simply that any item to be sold must be hand stamped (no mechanical reproductions). That's it! I don't even ask to be credited, although it is always nice when someone feels kind enough to do so. :)

So anyway, you may be wondering why I was so caught off guard when I came across this cute little zippy bag with what looked like the "dark owl" design stamped all over it? Well, that dark owl was not hand-stamped by an indie/crafty customer, but instead it has been mechanically copied and mass produced by some Korean company called Rollercoaster. (Btw, I have no problem with the etsy shop I spotted this in. The vendor simply sells cute stationery supplies from Korea.)

Crazy huh?
From Rollercoaster's catalog . . .

The page from my sketchbook where I was trying to figure out my final owl design. Even though I love Bubo, I'm so glad I didn't choose to give the owl a clockwork eye! Ugh! What was I thinking?

I've decided to shorten this post because I feel really bad for ranting on and on earlier! I've even decided that I'm semi-flattered that a big company actually liked my design enough to copy me. :) I'm just a little bummed that someone might come to the conclusion that I was the copycat in this situation, and not the other way around. I found a video on TED related to this whole issue. It's about copycats in creative industries and the lessons we can learn. Okay then. Sorry about all that. Done ranting now. Cheers! :)


Leslie Hanna said...

I have seen similar reports in the past, and the people slighted have successfully made their case. Let me see if I can find the last one I saw.

Ashley said...

The fact that the company is in another country would make it that much harder to take action if you wanted to, this is really kinda sad

Lydia said...

Not cool. Your art is in my top 5 and so unique. Glad you posted this.

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