Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soooo Excited! ...or why I have a pet turtle named Eggs.

Vampires like girls who wear Nike Cortez.

I haven't been this excited about television since. . . umm. . . like two weeks ago. . . for the Lost finale. Ha. Ha. No, but I swear I'm not glued to the t.v. screen all the time. Like really. I promise. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy or Desperate Housewives or Glee or the hundreds of other shows all my other friends are watching. It's kind of awkward sometimes in conversation when everyone is talking about some show I've never seen. Then I'll say something like "Oh, I named my turtle Eggs after Tara's boyfriend in True Blood 'cause the squares on her plastron make her look like she has abs and Eggs on the show had some major abs! Am I right? Hahaha. . .". . . and then things get even more awkward because no one knows what I'm talking about. They don't watch True Blood. : (

Eggs and those abs. See what I mean?

I'm supposed to have a day out with the girls soon and they want to watch the new Sex In The City movie. Unfortunately, I've never seen a single episode. Oh well. . . : ) Anyway it's a big night for the only two shows I'm watching right now. The season finale of Breaking Bad and the new season of True Blood starts tonight. Hooray! I even have my very own pair of Sookie shoes.

Hobocat checking out my "Sookie Shoes"

I am such a nerd.


jo_annie said...

HaHa! Nicole... FYI: I LOOOOVE True Blood and am also super excited and I even triple checked my DVR to make sure it's going to record!

And... I also have NEVER seen one single episode of Sex and the City!!!! Not my thing. Ha!

M.M.E. said...

You have an adorable cat. I haven't watched this series at all but I love how creative you were with your turtle.

nikoart said...

Haha, Joanne! Great minds think alike, don't we! :) I already can't wait until next Sunday's episode!!

milk overdose said...

i'm totally addicted to true blood! but i haven't seen the 3th season yet, can't wait! i'm watching the s01 and s02 all over again with my bf these days, so nice :D

sex and the city is cool but i don't think you're missing that much..eggs abs, eric, bill, sam are sooo much better than mr. big hahaha

anyway..have a nice week! xoxo

Natalie Maddon said...

I am super excited I found your blog. Everything about you makes me smile :)

Abby Kihano said...

New follower!
i love your blog! i laughed out loud at the turtle.

nikoart said...

Aww thanks for the support guys! I'm glad I'm not alone in my True Blood addiction. haha! Sorry I haven't posted since but I've been having a lot of computer trouble the past week or so and it's in repair at the moment so I have to steal a few peeks on random computers to check my email and etsy shop. :( Hopefully I'll get everything sorted out soon.

alovelylittleworld said...

The Eggs thing makes complete sense! Cute blog by the way!

Amanda said...

Please please tell me where you found those shoes (the nike cortez)!!! And what are they made out of? leather or nylon?? I must have them! Great blog :) :) :)

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