Friday, July 22, 2011

Stamp Storage System

My current stamp storage system situation is in need of some upgrading. I have too many stamps made and not enough drawers to hold them all. I'd really like to improve my efficiency through better organization in some way. I just have no idea how!


Leslie Hanna said...

Have you ever considered unmounted? That wood takes up a LOT of room! :)

nikoart said...

Hey Leslie! Yes, you're totally right about the wood taking up a lot of room. I even have a difficult time storing the unmounted blocks of wood in my teeny, tiny apartment. I have been considering unmounted for my larger 2x2 inch stamps. Do you think maybe in a package with a hang tag? As for the 1x1's though, I think I will stick with the wood mounts for now. I've been making small improvements on those little stamps over the years, and would really like them to become something like a treasured keepsake that will last for years. Although they may be more convenient, I don't think unmounted rubber or clear polymer would have the same sort of luxurious feel as using a high quality mounted stamp.

wienerhoneymooners said...

Hi. I have been a fan for a long time. When I finally wanted to buy as I started to make cards and blog, you were no longer selling. I will buy any stamps that you have not sold. I will pay extra shipping and really want to collect your rubber stamps. I really wish you are interested. I am a HUGE fan and would treat with honor. Thanks for your consideration!!!
-Kimberly Wiener.. email:

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