Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christopher Walken and A UFO On Saddle Road?

I know it sounds ridiculous but my number one phobia is . . .aliens. I think it all started after I watched the movie "Communion" when I was a kid. To this day I'm still a little afraid of Christopher Walken (he's the main character) because of it. I was going to post a picture of the movie poster but I decided not to because then I'd be too afraid to look at my own blog!

Even though I'm afraid of aliens, I got so excited when a friend from class told me she knew someone who saw a ufo and that she even had a picture of it (don't ask me how we even got into a conversation about ufos...haha). I couldn't believe it but she forwarded this photo to me. They were even thinking of sending it to a news station here. She said her brother's friend saw a ufo while driving on Saddle Road right here on the Big Island and snapped this picture. Maybe it has something to do with the military because they have a huge training base up there. I know it's just a FOAF (friend-of-a-friend) story and maybe the picture does look a little fishy...but I guess anything is possible!

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jo_annie said...

you know how I love UFOs and other strange things! haha... love your "strange and unusual" posts--you should do more!!!

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