Saturday, September 13, 2008

Six Six Six

I'm always interested in hearing strange and unusual here's a small contribution of my own. I had a freaky little incident concerning my etsy shop last week. I woke up one morning to check my page and found that I had 666 favorites, 66 items left in the shop, and three $6.00 sales in a row (666) making my paypal account add up to exactly...$666.99! I'm not very superstitious but I thought that was just a really strange coincidence!! My boyfriend was like "Hey, 666 is the devil's number! Maybe he visited your shop!" Well, maybe even the devil likes to shop handmade! ;o)


Just me.....Shelly said...

funny! are you gonna turn him into a stamp???

afiori said...

strange.... Your devil is cute though!!!

I just looked at your wonderful designs on Etsy and went here to see what's up :) :) Your stuff is amazingly cute.

Shara said...

Wow! That is truly an amazing set of coincidences!
And I'm with Shelly, it was probably a sign that you should make an extra cute Devil stamp :-)

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