Friday, August 22, 2008

We found this little guy...

hanging out at the bottom of a wheelbarrow in the backyard. I think he was trying his best to look inconspicuous and avoid the unwanted attention of Hoborooster (who just happens to think that little frogs make great snacks) so I picked him up and let him go in the bushes. Not many people here in Hawaii would do that. . . because it was not just any frog. . . it was a coqui! The coqui are actually very much loved in their homeland of Puerto Rico but a lot of people here despise them because they say the coqui's chirping keeps them awake at night. There was a massive erradication effort going on but I think the county has since given up because the coqui population is so firmly established in the environment that they've become practically impossible to get rid of. I know that coqui are not native to Hawaii but I just feel really bad for them because the methods of extermination that people are using to kill these little frogs are not exactly humane. . .
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